September 27th to 29th, Parque da Mina - Monchique - Portugal



Come dance Your Truth and be guided by the best national and international facilitators!

September 27th to 29th, Parque da Mina – Monchique – Portugal

An event to remember who we are and what we have come to bring to the world in a magical space

At the Ecstatic Soul Gathering, you will:

Meet a community that welcomes and accepts you as you are.

Remember what it truly means to be free.

Discover the power of conscious and authentic movement.

Acknowledge the wisdom of your body and cells.

Feel the boundless and contagious energy within you.

Create space and time to align your path with the truth of your soul.

Discover the paradise landscapes of the Serra de Monchique and beaches of the Algarve.

Experience the wisdom and expertise of top DJs, facilitators, national and international artists.

September 27th to 29th, all roads will lead to Parque da Mina - Monchique - Portugal

Boudicca (Canadá & Dance the Medicine) * Dj Alex (Ecstatic dance Madrid & Dance the Medicine) * Rute Novais (Ecstatic dance Sintra & Lisboa)

ESG - 2024 Edition

What we have prepared for you:

3 days of activities

2 nights’ accommodation

3 Ecstatic dances

3 concerts

2 meditations

1 Trance dance

Mindful Yoga

ESG - 2024 Edition

The facilitators of this edition:​

sabino soares

dj alex



rayan manush

rute novais

Deva Shamim

mateo & ellen

linne melinkat

prem manisha

Diogo Vilhena & Ana Laura Carrilho

Dina Fonseca

Mia Le Fay

johnny white (kior)

marta marto

Um evento num local mágico, repleto de natureza e animais

Serra de Monchique - Portugal

Celebrate life, music and dance in the heart of the stunning Serra de Monchique!

Get ready for a transcendent experience at the Ecstatic Soul Gathering that will take place in a very special place: Parque da Mina!

Join us in a unique encounter where music and rhythm merge with free movement, breathing and a sense of tribe, in perfect harmony with the exuberant nature surrounding us.

Let yourself be carried away by the beat of the drums and the melody of the flutes, as we dance in a place where you will feel safe and protected, surrounded by the invigorating energy of the mountains.

Get ready to explore your authentic expression through free dance, connecting with yourself and other free spirits.

The Ecstatic Soul Gathering is more than an event, it is a journey of self-discovery, healing and celebration of life that has contributed to great transformations in the lives of the participants, so join us, allow yourself to enter into total connection with your soul and surrender to the magic of this unique moment, where every step, every movement, every new breath is an affirmation of your inner freedom.

No matter your age, background or dance experience – everyone is welcome to join this celebration of love, unity and joy.

Bring your positive energy, contagious smiles and disposition and let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of life!

Book this date on your calendar and come dance, come live, come celebrate life, come free yourself!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Join us at the Ecstatic Soul Gathering and allow your soul to dance freely!””

Any doubts regard the event’s location?

Check the FAQs.

Over 260 participants who loved the experience!

A team of 'Angels' organizing and nurturing.

sabino soares

Inês Serôdio

Carlota Amorim

Carla chamusca

Prem Manisha

Paula Costinha

If you are looking forward to...

… meeting a community of people passionate about Ecstatic Dance and movement,

… experiencing different activities with highly experienced facilitators,

… taking a break from the routine and gaining perspective and awareness.

...then this gathering is for you.

ESG 2024 Prices

20 tickets – 357€

⁠20 tickets – 397€

⁠Last tickets – 417€

(VAT Included)

Discount of 100€ for Portuguese people living in Portugal – contact us if that’s your case!

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ESG 2024 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Included in the ticket:

  • Access to the event and all activities.
  • Snacks, tea, and water provided by our team.

Not included:

  • Accommodation inside or outside Parque da Mina (daily rates for motorhomes in Parque da Mina, vacation rental homes, hostels, hotels, etc. – these must be booked and paid for directly by you).
  • Tent for sleeping in Parque da Mina (you can bring your own or rent one from a company that will offer this service (to be confirmed) – we will share the contact soon).
  • Taxi transports, transfers, or others to and from Parque da Mina
  • Food (you can bring your own food into the camping park). There are one or two restaurants relatively close where you can freely choose whatever you fancy. However, we will also have meals inside Parque da Mina at a very affordable price.
  • Drinks or other products you buy at the café in Parque da Mina or at another establishment.
  • 1:1 therapy sessions and treatments performed during the event – these sessions must be booked and paid directly with the chosen therapist.

Yes, it is possible to pay for the ticket in installments. We are fully available to listen to you and are sensitive to analyzing each case individually. The most important thing for us is that you can attend. In this case, you should contact the organization to discuss the most suitable and comfortable payment arrangement for everyone, with the condition that the final payment should be made by August 31st.

Ideally, it is not possible to transfer your ticket to someone else. However, as mentioned before, we are available to listen to you and sensitive to analyzing the situation. In this case, you should contact the organization to evaluate the most suitable and comfortable solution for everyone involved.

The ticket can be canceled up to 30 days before the first day of the event, and 40% of the purchase value will be refunded. Cancellations made less than 30 days before the start date will not be eligible for any refund, but you can use the ticket for the following year’s edition. In case of cancellation due to a medical issue, please contact us and provide a medical statement.

At the moment, there are no plans to create daily or shorter duration tickets. The organization reserves the right to evaluate this possibility at a later time.


The event will take place inside Parque da Mina in Monchique, in the south of Portugal.

To get to the location, you should travel by car or public transportation/taxi/transfer to Parque da Mina. You can find all the information you need in the links below:

If you’re staying outside the park, it’s recommended to travel by car, motorcycle, or bicycle (which you’ll need to rent if you don’t own one), as walking can be dangerous due to the narrow road. Negotiations are underway with the Monchique Municipal Council to possibly provide some form of transportation. At this moment, this cannot be guaranteed.

On the island, the only option for transportation is by foot. There are no cars, motorcycles, or any other means of transportation available.

A community will be created on Telegram (contact information not disclosed) where participants can get in touch with each other and coordinate carpooling.


Booking accommodation inside or outside Parque da Mina is entirely the participant’s responsibility. Participants have the freedom to choose where they stay, taking on both accommodation and associated transportation costs. For booking, contact Vera Rentes at (964 691 005) or email [email protected].

Inside Parque da Mina, you can rent Glamping tents. Glamping tents are also available for rent from the partner company, Domo Camp. Check out the available options and make your reservation directly with them at

Around the event location, there are a wide variety of accommodation options (guesthouses, hostels, hotels, local lodging, etc.), ranging from the most affordable to the more expensive. You can find some of these options in the following section.

Please refer to the answer in the section about “sharing transportation.”


Inside Parque da Mina, vegetarian and vegan meals will be available for purchase on site, prepared by an experienced team that guarantees quality.

During the event, the few restaurants located relatively close to the event site will be available, offering a variety of dishes including fish, meat, and simpler, quick meals.

Yes, you can bring your own food. However, there are no facilities available for cooking, so it should be meals that do not require cooking.

Other Questions

Yes, children up to 12 years old do not have to pay.

Note: Please be aware that there are no dedicated staff members responsible for taking care of children. Parents are always responsible for ensuring their safety and well-being.

On the event website, there is a button for “Are you a therapist and want to offer your gift?” where you can sign up and indicate what you would like to offer and/or sell. We assure you that all proposals will be carefully reviewed.

Please note that therapists/vendors are still required to purchase a specific ticket at a special price. Admission to the event is not free; however, we do not charge any percentage on sales or individual sessions.

Please also note that the organization does not provide stands, massage beds, or dedicated spaces for product sales. Individuals should bring their own equipment and supplies.

Currently, our volunteer team is the same since the first year. However, this does not prevent you from contacting us and informing us of your availability and motivation. If there are any openings, we may reach out to you.

Throughout the event, there will be therapists available for various therapies and treatments. Simply approach the therapist you are interested in and schedule a session directly with them.

Please note that all these sessions are separate and should be paid directly to the therapist.


Join the tribe:

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sabino soares


Sabino considers himself a very positive, joyful, creative and passionate person. He is the founder of Ecstatic Dance Algarve where, through free movement, natural rhythm and body wisdom he tries to bring a life with more quality, joy and lightness to his community because he believes that each one of us has the power and ability to contribute to a more positive and happy life for the people around us.

renée lacroix


Co-fundadora da Ecstatic Dance UK, a viagem de Renée pelo caminho espiritual começou com a meditação e o budismo antes de a conduzir à dança consciente, onde encontrou o seu ikigai (razão de ser). A sua visão é tornar a Ecstatic Dance mais acessível e mainstream, sendo host em retiros inclusivos para pessoas de todos os estilos de vida.

dj alex


Alex Sevilla is an organizer, facilitator, and DJ of Ecstatic Dance in his hometown, Madrid , as well as in the city where he currently resides, Granada. You can also find him at national and international events and festivals.

In recent years, he has joined the teaching, training future facilitators, and DJs at “Dance The Medicine.”

Alex tells us about his work: “I am passionate about creating and sharing spaces of connection and expression, where you can set your mind aside and let yourself be carried away by the music to activate the medicine inside you.”

ângelo surinder​


Ângelo Surinder is passionate about healing sounds. In the last 15 years he has researched immensely, worked alongside the best international masters and shared this wisdom with thousands of people around the world and in Portugal. Throughout his career, Ângelo performed hundreds of Concerts, Performances, GongBaths, yoga classes and meditations, in private and public events, at Fairs, Festivals, Congresses and individually in a therapeutic context. He also co-created Cosmic Gong, an International Academy of Sound and Vibrational Therapies offering Soundhealing training, healing sessions and all the necessary tools.



Come along on a magic carpet ride! Bernice Raabis (Dj Boudicca) is the founder of Dance the Medicine, an international team of conscious dance professionals who are on a mission to teach DJ and dance facilitators to eager Ecstatic Dance creators, world wide. Bernice’s specialty: long smooth intros, delicious outros, with a mixed tempo/genre set in the middle. Come dance to music which infects all parts of the body, unexpected twists and turns will be the only predictable part of the performance.

biodanza ☉cristiano​


Biodanza Facilitator licensed in the Rolando Toro System by the School of Biodanza SRT in Porto and Portugal. Graduated in Clinical Psychopedagogy, and later trained in Gestalt Therapy. He has participated in several Theater and Dance workshops and is also an Essential Reiki Master. He facilitates groups in personal development using Transactional Analysis; Relaxation groups; and Dramatic Expression groups (for children, adults and seniors). Today, he facilitates 3 Regular Biodanza Groups, is part of the teaching staff in the postgraduate course of the Higher Institute of Applied Psychology “Therapy for Expressive Arts and Human Development”. “I am, as an old friend says, a mutant learner of life. My inspiration is the possibility of creating a rich environment where people can bring out the best in themselves.”



I am passionate about the Sacred Geometry of the Human Being and all its Soul States. A Guardian ⚜ at the Service of Evolutionary Consciousness, Facilitator of Active Meditations and Awakening processes since 2007, Creator of the Oracles of Lys and the School of Human Mastery, I share with commitment the pillars of Existence in which I believe: Love, Freedom, and Consciousness!?

rayan manush


Musician, writer and sound therapist, Rayan Manush has published 11 books. He considers himself a music lover and a student of different cultures that have led him to leave his mark on the five continents.

He plays the guitar, the harmonium, the dan moi… The sitar has given him a powerful force of expression and creative liberation.

As a composer, he has released 3 eclectic albums and is passionate about exploring and researching new sounds and instruments.

Certified at the Multiversity of Pune (India), Rayan Manush is certified as an OSHO Active Meditation Facilitator

Rayan Manush offers us a wonderful Sound Journey into our interior. Enjoy an hour of live sounds, with ancient and contemporary instruments. Feel the vibration of the strings of a guitar and the vocal cords of the human voice. Let yourself be penetrated by the sound waves of the Tibetan and quartz bowls, the shruti box, the sitar…

linne melinkat


With a psychocorporal and transpersonal approach, Linne combines expressive movement and conscious dance, integrating the power of massage, touch and meditation into her therapeutic work, supporting forms of empowerment, authenticity and healing transformation. Linne is a passionate facilitator of the Rio Abierto System, a professional Shiatsu Therapist and Holistic Therapist with over 10 years of experience. After living in different places in Europe and South America, she now lives in Southeastern Algarve, where she offers individual and group sessions. She loves to explore forms and languages that promote authentic expression and connection to one’s potential on the path of harmonious human development.

rute novais


Designer, teacher, event producer, environmental entrepreneur among other magics.

She introduced ECSTATIC DANCE to Portugal in 2012.

The ECSTATIC DANCE LISBOA events opened the way for a vibrant and expansive community of dancers, musicians, facilitators and DJs, to explore this space as an opportunity to express themselves and contribute to the growth of this egregore.

She has already facilitated more than a hundred circles holding space for DJ’s and musical projects from all over the world.

Every month, she organizes @ecstaticdancelisboa and @ecstaticdancesintra, references from musical diversity, multiculturalism and creativity!

In her DJ sets, she shares, through music, a vision of life in the constant pulsation between breathing, rhythm, surprise, joy, introspection, communion and celebration.

vigílio beatriz / NÓS VOZ


Awakening the essence is Virgilio’s great purpose. Awakening yours and that of others has been he’s mission since 2006. Through spaces where we can discover our potential, express our being and raise our vibration and that of those around us.
He uses different knowledge and different tools in his Retreats, Sessions and Meetings: Shamanism, Psychology, Sufism, Neuroscience, Music, Dance, Voice, Tantra, Active Meditations and other knowledge with the aim of awakening the true essence of each person.
Currently, he regularly facilitates: Retreats and workshops on Purpose, vocation and professional transition – since 2010; “Ecstatic Dance Portugal” (Lisbon, Arrábida & international) – since 2014”; “NÓS VOZ” (mantras & voice medicine) – since 2016; and Ritualized Retreats/ Encounters – since 2016.

deva shamim


Shamim’s search for a deeper meaning of herself began with Dance. For years she practiced different dance approaches and was a performer and teacher of oriental dance. Dance is for her the most powerful healing and liberation medicine. However, Meditation and the Ancestral Shamanic Practices of Healing and Connecting with Nature have always resonated deeply with her.
Over the past 18 years Shamim has been practicing, learning and sharing Practices, Rituals and Ceremonies of Healing and Connection that connect us to our multidimensional True Self.
She is Sacred Sauna Ceremony Keeper, Soul Hunting Healer, Facilitator of Healing Ceremonies and Rites of Passage. Shamim works individually and in groups with Shamanically inspired Free Dance, Emotional and Energetic Freedom, Women’s Counselling, Meditation and Breathing.
She has been a Keeper of Women’s Circles for 18 years. In 2004 she created the ‘Retiro Caminho da Mulher’ (Women’s Path Retreat), which takes place several times a year in Portugal and in other countries. She also trained as Moon Mother sharing the Womb Blessing and Healing.
She has just opened Rising, a Wellness Center in Lagos.

meet mateo and ellen!


Our studies about the nervous system and the sense of safety lead us to some questions:

How can we feel safe and allow our spontaneous self?

And how can we create a felt sense of safety while dancing and connecting deeply with others?

About Mateo:

My life is a constant research about movement, trauma, relationships, sensuality, Kundalini and many other field.

Dancing has been my passion my whole life. Contact improv, Partner Dancing, Contemporary dance…

The last years, I’ve been visiting the depth of my subconscious in improvisation theater.

Being in the safe container of a group of caring people, I allowed myself to heal some traumas by expressing and feeling what came up.

My studies about trauma and relationships led me to understand how it is fundamental to visit, feel and express our unprocessed emotions to become the fully alive being we all wish to be.

About Ellen:

Ellen has a 10 years background in a self-healing process to get her health and aliveness back.

Working with movement, dance and sensuality within a safe frame, became her medicine to release stress and tension.

Her work with boundaries makes her feel safe again in a female body.

She gives Sensual Tension Release to release tension and unprocessed emotions.

And inspires people who wants to create more safety, healing and depth by slow intimacy in relationships.

inês ripamonti


Born in Portugal, Inês is a singer dedicated to the power of subtle and invisible language.

Sweatlodge keeper, circle keeper, artisan, therapist, personal development and authentic voice facilitator.

Inês has been following the paths of her heart, as well as supporting and inspiring others along the way. With Fire as an ally and master, she develops her work and service through the Voice and facilitation of practices related to art and nature. She facilitates processes of transformation and expansion of vocal and personal potential, in individual and group sessions. Body awareness, breathing techniques, voice as an extension of the body. Presence.

She recognizes singing as a powerful tool, a source of vitality, a privileged form of self-knowledge and recovery of personal power.

Service is her middle name, Nature is her guide. Music is her passion.

pedro paz


Dancer and researcher in the area of Conscious Movement and Contact Improvisation through Community and Impermanent Laboratories. He has been dedicated to dance since childhood and today has around twenty years of professional experience as a director, choreographer and teacher. His challenge is to help you get into your body, into you, to reconnect with your structure, momentum, lightness and fluidity… and, effortlessly, let the movement remember itself while the mind watches with curiosity all the strength and beauty that manifests.

prem manisha


Music and animals have always been her main meditation. Artisan creator of the Sacred Animals On My Way work, she has been playing her medicine music from different lineages in personal development practices and in sacred ceremonies. Medicine music brings the healing power of the vibration that our cellular memory recognizes, getting in tune with our heart, harmonizing and healing our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies. Naturally, dance is associated with singing and music and Ecstatic Dance Algarve completes this taste for expression through the Arts. Come sing and dance with us or simply enjoy this ancestral medicine of singing, music and dancing.

diogo vilhena & ana laura carrilho


Diogo Vilhena

Musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer.
His experience in various styles and musical projects for more than 20 years has given him a broad vision of what music can bring to human beings.
Son of the World, constantly expanding his being, following the truth of his heart.
Experience in practices in sacred masculine consciousness expansion retreats.
The need to look inside oneself and others, co-created a musical-spiritual channel of connection with humanity, and with the nature around them.

Ana Laura Carrilho

I carry within me all the dreams of the world, I’m a seeker, I’m a Woman, daughter of the earth, a free spirit.
I started my journey of self-knowledge about 10 years ago, with my first Reiki course, which opened doors for me to want to know more about this world. Since I was a child I have had a very awakened intuition, so this course brought me the answers that I needed to start listening to me.
Today I dedicate myself to empowerment, to the rescue of each Being that comes to me through retreats, workshops and individual support on Systemic Constellations, Aura Reading, Meditation, Reiki, Womb Steam & Healing, Multidimensional Therapy, Shamanism, etc.
Co-creator of the Yoni Temple project – Training for Women who want to delve deeply into their inner selves.

dina fonseca


Founder of the Body Medicine Project and visionary of the Orgasmic Dance and Bodyflow Therapy methods. Healer and therapeutic dance teacher.

She dedicates her time to creating artistic-therapeutic experiences, training and exploring body-related tools that help women heal their sexuality through dance, breathing, poetry and erotic art.

She believes that the journey home can be made in a gentle, beautiful, loving and poetic way.

filipe santos


“When I grow up I want to be a Gymnastics Teacher!” I said while practicing gymnastics in my childhood. Afterwards, Science took precedence over my career, but as soon as I discovered Yoga in my late teens, I realized that it would be my favorite “science”!
Yoga came to me in 1998, while I was healing from lymphoma and studying Biotechnological Engineering and it immediately proved to be a true Union between Science, Spirituality and Body Consciousness, things that have fascinated me for as long as I can remember!
On several occasions the practice saved my life and I shared it whenever the opportunity presented itself.
However, teaching Science and Technology became my main profession until I rediscovered my vocation of Serving with Yoga, the pleasure of acrobatics with AcroYoga, and the immense intelligence that the body manifests when moving in Dance and Body Expression! Since 2014 I have been teaching Yoga, for children and adults, in various forms and in various schools and modalities, working especially with Yoga Coaching and as an Ayurvedic and Thai Massage Therapist.

mia le fay


Author of the book Being Human, Clinical Psychologist and Postgraduate in Educational Psychology, specialist certified by the Order of Psychologists. Licensed in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Phytotherapy from the Dr. Pedro Choy University of Chinese Medicine, teacher of Personal and Human Development, Holistic Therapist.

carlos mendonça


Multi-instrumentalist musician, percussions, guitar, flute, voice. On his way he went through world music, musical theater and fusion music of various styles.
In the last 10 years he has put his art at the service of meditation, healing and shamanism, working to support consciousness, healing and reconnection of the human being.

johnny white (kior)


Johnny White (Kior) is a Sound Alchemist, Musician, and Holistic Therapist born in the Algarve. Largely self-taught and intuitive in much of his work, Johnny White felt an early call to the more spiritual side of this plane.

Reiki was a turning point in his life, and he later decided to complete the Three Levels of the Essential Method. He has delved into various courses and workshops, such as Hatmara Merkava, Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage, Pranic Healing, and Overtone Singing. Naturally curious, he is fascinated by Universal Energy in all its manifestations.

He offers Sound Healing Workshops, Chakra Activations with Crystal Bowls and Voice, Kirtan, and Holistic Voice Activation.

marta marto


Marta Marto, 38, sociocultural animator/psychosocial technician, holistic therapist, passionate about the creative expression of danced movement. 

Using awareness of the body as a tool for a path of exploration, authenticity, recognition and deep love, she now anchors her entire journey and her own experience in the Corpo dança_Dança Sana Project, sharing what she loves most.

‘I believe and trust with all my being in my body, in its medicine and knowledge, in its incredible intelligence that, by expressing itself freely, can connect subtlety and delicacy with the strength and power of the concrete to live more fully, more truly.’

sabino soares


Since he was born, dance has been present in his life and his body reacts to the rhythm even before he is aware of it in his mind!
He spent 10 years as Manager of the Department of Sport at the University of Algarve, and turned to dance as a way to integrate his initial training as a Physical Education Teacher with more positivity, creativity and passion. He founded the Bkind Mindfulness Program (applied in a 1st grade school where he taught) to lead a life with greater quality, truth, joy and lightness to his community. “”STOP, BREATHE, DECIDE!”” is the title of the book he published on Mindfulness.
As founder of Ecstatic Dance Algarve, Ecstatic Dance DJ, facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Warm-ups and founder of Ecstatic Soul Gathering (Portugal), he is in total service to dance, love and life!
His diverse abilities and talents are guided by the compass of his heart.

inês serôdio


She is a curious and ever-changing soul, an investigator of the human experience.
She started by studying Architecture, graduated as a Master in Human Resources Management, worked as an HR Consultant, took a gap year working as a cook and returned to the HR area to specialize as a Coach and project manager.
In parallel she delved into Yoga, Focusing, Mindfulness, Tantric Philosophy, Astrology, etc.
Today she combines Coaching with Astrology. This language of symbols and dance are her great passions since she was a child. It is in dance that the connection to the earth and the heavens is made in a purer way and it was with heart and soul that she joined Ecstatic Dance Algarve and this meeting of dancing souls.

carlota amorim


She’s Public Relations, does the event decoration and is our Angel for wanting to feel the energy, soul and body. Since a very young age, she loves challenges and is an entrepreneur. She learned that the best thing in life is to do what you want and not be afraid of losing. “Dancing is life in its pure state.” She makes sure that we feel the dance vibe in a beautiful, scented and cared for space.

paula costinha​


Paula Costinha is passionate about sports and team spirit. She was a banker for 20 years and, in the last 2 years, she followed her dream and created the Sports Mental Coach brand, where she helps athletes and teenagers to unleash their full potential, to overcome their limits and to believe in their dreams. Since 2013, she began to work on herself on a human and physical level, and it was on this path that she discovered Dance as a way of expressing herself. “It is with great pride and honor that I am part of this wonderful group, and I am ready to receive and help you, wishing you to enjoy this wonderful event to the fullest.”

carla chamusca


I don’t know how to play the drums but I try to dance to the rhythm.

I am the Ecstatic Soul Gathering designer, and, with the marketing team, I work on the event’s visual identity, trying to communicate its essence.

In the last days of September, I turn my back to the pixels and join you, immersing myself into this experience, sharing and enjoying the pulsating energy of this encounter.

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